We provide high quality tattoos and friendly service at fair prices

Great tattoos, fair prices

No one wants to be ripped off, so we built a pricing structure to eliminate that.

Tattoo prices can fluctuate greatly from shop to shop, so it can be hard to know if what you are paying is fair. Unlike most studios, we don’t have an hourly rate or a minimum charge. Instead we quote based on what a final tattoo should be WORTH, not how long it will take to do the job.

Company History
Size matters

A 5 bedroom house costs more than a studio apartment of the same quality. Tattoos are no different. The size of your tattoo will of course effect the price, bigger tattoos do generally cost more; so we always take this into account when we provide a quote.

Body Placement
Some areas cost less, some more.

Arms and legs are easy-peezy, so costs for these placements tend to be a little lower. Tattoo placements like ribs, stomach, feet, sternum, neck and hands are a little tricker and require a higher level of experience to execute well and thus cost a little more. 

Artist and Style
All styles were not created equal

Some styles are pretty straightforward; think small line-work designs, basic script, symbols and simple designs. These styles generally require less artistic mastery when compared to styles like realism, large scale work, and highly customised elaborate designs. If the design requires a higher skill level, then it should cost a little more.

Clients Budget
We're not here to rob anyone...

We do our very best to work with our clients budgets. Sometimes this means adjusting the size, amount of detail or suggesting placements that might cost less. Additionally, we take great pride in our work; so when we are given freedom to explore our creative styles we often thank our clients with better rates. 😉

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